ljKlient — a KDE LiveJournal client

This is supposed to be the ljKlient homepage. Welcome!

In fact, you’re looking at the news page.

Changes #2 — 7th August, 2007

The friendlist changes window has been completely redone, and now provides a nice, scrollable, clickable list of stuff.

We now also have a German translation.

Changes — 18th June, 2007

There’s a window now that pops up when you update your friendlist, if there have been changes.  This is a work in progress, so expect bugs, and lack of features from that part.

Also, some issues with the draft thing have been fixed as of 0.1.145, I just never got around to releasing that one.

Translations — 23rd May, 2007

French translation has been updated for 0.1.144 and links are provided on the main page to the translations in SVN.  Not sure whether to point to particular revisions or to the head, but we’ll see how it works out.

Drafts — 6th May, 2007

ljKlient 0.1.144 released!  Now with draft saving and loading!  Translations are yet to be updated.

Hiatus — 29th April, 2007

I realise there hasn’t been much happening with the Klient.  Unfortunately, time and energy are two things that I don’t seem to have much lately — school and some really serious running-around related to my daytime job has got me really exhausted in the last two weeks.  More development will come soon enough.

Plurals — 10th April, 2007

ljKlient 0.1.140 was released with a fix for plurals support, iconified account types in the friend list, a fix to the counting there, a brand new Spanish translation and some internal reorganisation.